The Bay Street experience...... through our people.

Every employee is empowered with a  strong sense of professionalism and commitment to our customers. Our  management team is just as committed to our employees and  representatives. As a services based company it is important to exceed  all customer expectations. We empower our people to make that possible,  and each request is viewed as an opportunity to prove ourselves.

Leading this exceptional team are Joe Mueller and Allan Miles.

Joe Mueller President CEO/Founder



Bay Street Est. 1861 Inc.

January 2008 – Present

As President at Bay Street my roles are to:

-Be involved in all professional and organizational activities that Bay Street participates in.

-Provide  leadership for Bay Street through planning, policies, and practices  that will assist in our Sales and Service of BT Trading Systems, (ITS  Netrix IP Platform), Red Box Voice and data recorders (Quantify) and our  Private Network for Automatic Ringdown, Private wire and hoot &  holler squawk boxes in the financial and energy sectors Bay Street  Exchange). 

-Market Bay Street EST. 1861 to the community and businesses within the community

-Ensure that our mission statement is maintained/revised, and is deliverable by all of our employees.

-Develop a long term strategic plan for the organization

-Advance  the Company through promotion of professional/personal growth of the  employees via education, networking, and community involvement.

Co-Founder/Vice President

Accord Communications Inc.

July 1988 – May 2007 

Co-founder  of Accord Communications and Vice President. Built a National  Telecommunications company. Avaya Canada's largest dealer and British  Telecom’s Canadian distributor.

Now President of Bay Street Est.  1861 Inc. We are the premier supplier of mission critical, trading floor  communications solutions in Canada.  

Technical Specialist

Rolm Communications

June 1986 – September 1988 

Provided  technical support for the ROLM PBX platform and the Octel voice mail  platform. Senior Technical engineer for the VBand trader turret system  for the exclusive Canadian distributor. Accountable to many of Canada’s  fortune 200 companies.

Technical Specialist

Bell Canada

March 1976 – June 1986 

Worked  my way through the various technical groups over the 11 years in  Installation and Repair. Experience in outside plant, open wire, Ariel  and buried cable repair, residential, Key and PBX systems. Experience  all the way back to switch Board, Step by Step- OE, and Central Office  admin.

Joe Mueller President CEO/Founder
Joe Mueller President CEO/Founder

Allan Miles Vice President/Founder


Vice President

Bay Street Est. 1861 Inc.

December 2007 – Present 

As Vice President at Bay Street my roles are to:

-Manage all operational activities that Bay Street participates in.

-Manage all escalated service issues and major projects. 

-Oversee day to day operations for the company.

-Manage all employees day to day activities, Scheduling and HR.

Technical Specialist

Accord Communications Inc.

Dec 1998 – Dec 2007 

During  my time at Accord I worked closely with Joe as senior technician in the  turret division. Trained on the Vband trading system , Joe and I  developed a reputation for excellent service and custom products. With  the demise discontinuation of Vband through IPC, Joe and I researched  other trading systems. It was very apparent that BT trading system was  and continues to be the Cadillac of trading systems. During my time at  Accord, the turret division customer base grew by 400 percent and helped  me to learn to manage products, customers and supervise fellow  employees.

Delphi Communications 

June 1992 – Dec 1998

My  initial time spent at Delphi was focused on learning as much as  possible. I was trained on many PBX and voice mail systems including the  Mitel SX2000. Over the 12 years there I went from technician to  Supervisor, managing 15 technicians. The experience here has helped me  today at Bay Street dealing major installations and projects that can  span 9 months. 

British Telecom

April 1986- June 1992

Ironic  how I have come full circle . This was a different division for BT when  they were selling and servicing all aspects for the telecom world. The  first 2 years I was given experience in cabling small to large  buildings. This cabling experience is integral to my knowledge today at  Bay Street when dealing timelines and projects. I was then given the  opportunity to become the lead technician for major project. The  experience here has helped me today at Bay Street, enabling me to  circumvent problems before they happen

Allan Miles Vice President/Founder
Allan Miles Vice President/Founder