Bay Street 1861 acts as an  intelligent interface between business and technology. We work with  organisations to understand their business issues, identify new  opportunities and advise on the successful application of technology to  bring about change.

In the financial services environment, we  recognize that firms are looking for customization with technology systems  which will enable them to differentiate themselves and the services they  offer to their clients. As systems integration experts, we are highly  skilled at integrating our technologies with customers' existing systems  as well as partner applications. 

As a total solution provider,  we are ideally placed to integrate the best technology components from  multiple suppliers into a seamless, integrated system. Customers benefit  from greater choice and the combined expertise of multiple suppliers,  all through a single point of sale, project management and support  throughout the life of the system. 

Bay street is committed to  delivering robust, high quality business systems. Our aim is to exceed  customer expectations in terms of delivery, product performance,  functionality and reliability. 

Systems integration is at the  heart of what we do. Integration has a technical dimension, when we pull  together disparate systems to create something new, or when we work to  ensure that a new technology will function with your existing systems.  But just as important we believe integration is about ensuring that your  people, your business processes and your technology work together.  System integration is about pulling down barriers, facilitating  collaboration across an enterprise or between enterprises, helping you  to be truly open for business.