Voice remains a critical element of your trade workflow, but the trader voice system is evolving.


It’s likely you’re using a mix of collaboration solutions, but want  to offer your blended services across voice and electronic trading more  effectively. At the same time, you’re looking to boost your agility, cut  costs, ensure data security and meet your growing compliance  obligations.

Traditional technology silos may be limiting your ability to address  these challenges as well as you’d like. But you can move to a unified  communications solution that frees your trading teams, counterparties  and clients to collaborate more effectively, while also giving you  valuable client insight.

By consolidating your infrastructure, you can reduce your costs. And  you can increase flexibility by using solutions as a service through  scalable, secure and compliant private trusted clouds. 

We can help you better manage and protect your business through  proactive service and state-of-the-art solutions for compliance,  analytics and surveillance.  And with full visibility of your data, you  can start uncovering new or previously hidden value-adding  opportunities.

BT Unified Trading systems



Instant access for truly integrated trading



Capacitative Touchscreen – pan, scroll and zoom - T4 x 15” ; T4M x 10”

Up to 33 simultaneous media streams (T4M limited to 13)– handsets/speakers/intercom 

•Speakers licensed as 3, 10 or 30 channels

2 Handsets with coloured lights to differentiate, Headset compatible (3.5mm socket), Stalk Mic

1 or 2 Side Speakers – allocate channels left/right/centre or to handset/headset

Full trader voice functionality – one touch, barge-in, ring-downs, speed dials

•Access to external directories – Cisco, Outlook, AD, ..

•10,000 Stored Contacts


T4 Turret  



Space for 6 applets (T4) or 2 applets (T4M) including:

•Space for 48 line keys (zoom/pan possible)

•Call history

•Directory access

•Voice Recording replay


•Speaker control

•Video (TV and conference)


•Dynamic changes to user config

•Global free seating (TSS ‘Realm’)

•Single sign on/Active Directory options

SIP End-point: Dual NIC, UPoEcompliant, Desk PC port


T4 Flex Windows PC

  •Windows 7/8/10 x64 Professional

•Touchscreen operation requires a monitor that supports multi-touch

•Up to 30 Channels via “XMA2” Module


T4 Flex Tablet

Min 5 Channels (two handsets, three speaker channels)

Audio Jack/Headphones


BROCHURES & Data Sheets

BT_Unified_Trading_overview_brochure (pdf)


IPT-T4-flex-trading-datasheet-EN (pdf)


IPT-T4-trading-datasheet-EN (pdf)


IPTrade Turrets Features Summary 5.x (pdf)