Voice Recording


Red Box Recorders

Red Box Recorders are unique in the  industry, offering scalable, flexible, reliable and affordable systems  for both TDM and IP recording in one.

Red Box's Quantify Recording  Suite is different from other VoIP recorders; it integrates seamlessly  to a huge array of IPT vendor systems and infrastructures simply by not  relying on device Mac or IP addresses. Quantify Recording Suite's  intuitive web-based interface lets you do so much from the start, with  minimal training. It's designed around your workflow and never dictates  how you want to operate.

Red Box's unique frame-based  recording engine is immensely flexible: it includes passive and active  recording methods and can manage 500 concurrent recording channels per  server down to a single channel to record home-office workers.

With  Red Box, you benefit from cost-effective and convenient passive  recording. Our solution automatically identifies devices to be recorded  within the infrastructure and tracks them; all the system administrator  has to do is make a call.

Red Box recorders support the following platforms

  • VoIP recording 
  • TDM recording 
  • Converged recording 
  • Radio recording 
  • Mobile recording 
  • Total & selective recording 
  • Live monitoring & instant replay

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